3 thoughts on “When to Buy a Warranty”

  1. Warranties are a big money maker for companies. If you buy a warranty and never need it, the money you spend on the warranty is 100% profit for the company.

    I will say that the warranties we have for our washer, dryer, fridge, and oil furnace have saved us tons in repair bills over the last 8 or so years. Especially our washing machine. The entire clothes washer has been rebuilt over the last few years saving us a bundle.

    Sometimes a warranty pays for itself, sometimes. it’s wasted money. I guess you just never know.

    1. Thanks financialbondage for sharing your experiences. I guess your situation with the appliances may apply to my theory of knowing that your different than the average customer. If the appliances you get covered tend to have more maintenance problems than average then the warranty is probably worth it. This assumes that the warranty equally covers a wide spectrum of appliances.

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