Ways to Have Fun on a Budget: Disc Golf

Whenever I want to do something fun with friends we often find ourselves stuck playing the “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” game. Other times we find a great activity, but it costs us a buck too much. Few and far between are the great activities that are a lot of fun, yet less intrusive on the wallet.  All of these activities can be found in my Activity C.L.U.B. with a new one being introduced each month.

The Lost Cousin of Golf

The sport of golf is one of the top sports in the world featuring a number of household names. A close cousin, although less famous, is the great sport of disc golf. Disc golf features the same general layout of golf – the goal of getting to a spot on each hole – but has a much lower cost to play and easier learning curve.

How to Play Disc Golf

The sport usually involves a course of 18 holes with each hole having a tee box and basket. You start at the tee box and keep throwing until the disc ends up in the basket. For scoring, each hole has a par or expected number of shots and score can be kept relative to par with the lowest score winning.

Costs of Disc Golf

Disc golf won’t set you back much at all. In order to play all you need is a frisbee, but I recommend going out and buying one disc or a set of discs. A set includes discs designed for different distances, speed, and fade. Unlike golf, you won’t have to pay for access to the course and you don’t need any special shoes so your every day tennis shoes will do fine.

Best case costs.

  • Disc – $10
  • Shoes – Got ’em
  • Course – Free
  • Annual Total – $10

Where to Play Disc Golf

Almost every state in the U.S. has at least one course and most have multiple ones. Here are some links to help you locate one near you.

More Links

Curious about how to play or the best disc for you?  Check out these links.

Activity C.L.U.B. Ratings

8 – Disc golf has an easy learning curve so most of your friends will love to play. A few might be scared to throw a frisbee or may chicken out thinking disc golf isn’t cool enough (they’re wrong).
Low Cost
8 – While not free, disc golf is one of the cheapest sports to pick up. Some people, though, may get carried away and buy discs, bags for their discs, and even practice baskets to put in their backyard.
9 – Lost in the shadows of it’s cousin, disc golf doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. It provides participants with a great competitive sport that can be enjoyed many times over.
9 – Disc golf gets you off your couch and outside although you may just be walking. Also, it may help strengthen your throwing arm and even abs on those long tosses.

Got any fun ideas for the Activity C.L.U.B.?  Send them to me or write about them in the comments below.

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