Ways to Have Fun on a Budget: Dining Table Ping-Pong

Do you love the game of ping-pong, but you are too cheap or don’t have room for a table? Do all your friends play beer-pong but you don’t like cleaning up afterwards or spreading swine flu? The next best game to hit the market since Pro Thumb Wrestling is Dining Table Ping-Pong and it’s the latest cheap activity in our Activity CLUB

What Exactly is Dining Table Ping-Pong

Dining Table Ping-Pong (DTPP) is what every bachelor pad owner, apartment dweller, and dorm room needs. Just like the world famous Table Tennis, DTPP offers a competitive activity that is playable for all skill levels. All you do is whip out the adjustable net and tie it to some chairs, put on the hard core sweatbands, and start pinging and ponging until you crash on a nearby couch.

Cost of Dining Table Ping-Pong

Although you can probably pull together your own set of supplies, I recommend checking out the complete Dining Table Ping-Pong set at one of the sites listed below. The set comes with the much needed net, paddles, balls, sweatbands, and, best of all, a carrying case so that you can have Dining Table Ping-Pong with you wherever you go. The whole set costs at a moderate $28 which fits the average Activity CLUB budget although it may not be our best deal.

Activity C.L.U.B. Ratings

9 – Nothing fixes a boring dinner party like Dining Table Ping-Pong. This goes anywhere and anyone can play it.
Low Cost
6 – The cost is about double what I would expect to pay. Check out desktop ping-pong for a cheaper alternative.
10 – I had never heard of this until my friend got it for Christmas. After playing non-stop for hours this underrated game earned a spot in the Activity CLUB.
9 – The sweatbands say it all – this game will give you a much needed workout.

Dining Table Ping-Pong Vendors

Paper Source
Perpetual Kid
Spoon Sisters

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