4 thoughts on “Understanding Car Costs and When to Drive”

  1. I normally try to use my wife’s car since I can go the same distance on 35 a tank instead of 60. But my truck is 10 times more comfortable so I do tend to waste the money on comfort, but depending on if the trip is business or fun also changes my decision. I normally go cheap for business and spend more on fun for trips.

  2. I wish North America was more like Europe with a better opportunity to use public transportation. It’s typically inexpensive and can get you anywhere you need to go and usually more quickly than by car. Unless you live in a huge city like New York, the only real way to get around is by driving. I wish I would only have to use my car once a week…

    Thanks for the post!

  3. You have recommended that “If you live in a house with two cars, drive the one that costs less per mile on long trips,” but, of course, there are so many other variables to consider (as you have also pointed out). In our household, the car that will cost less per mile to drive is probably not reliable for a long trip. We could factor in an if-and-when-the-car-breaks-down cost, which would then make the more reliable car still the less expensive option.

  4. Clayton – Great to hear that you’re good at balancing having fun and saving money. Really, all our financial choices come down to that.

    Conrad – I totally agree on public transportation. I wish there was more of that where I live in Atlanta. It helps us use our travel time to do other things like read.

    Lara – Yea, as a car gets older you are definitely trying to squeeze the last few miles you can get out of it if possible. It’s great that you are using a car as long as possible and it’s definitely not worth it if the car breaks down on a long trip. I sometimes wonder if the cost impact today should be considered or the cost impact at the time the car is sold. I think this is an accounting dilemma in the business world, and drives many business people crazy. Your way makes sense though for the real world.

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