The Power of Needs

One struggle in my life is motivation. Some people seem to have an abundance of energy, but I on the other hand like to ponder and think and when it comes down to just getting stuff done let’s just say I’m not a natural.

There’s definitely a lot of tips out there on getting stuff done. Heck, I have a book called Getting Stuff Done and it has been somewhat useful to improving this looming weakness in my life. One of the biggest influences, though, on my ability to stay on task has been a strategy I call The Power of Needs.

To me, needs are anything that must get done to satisfy a goal whereas a want satisfies a desire of some sort but isn’t critical to your direction in life or work or whatever. When I see myself struggling to get something done or stay on task, I take a step back and do what I love – I ponder. Now this isn’t for days or weeks, but for a few minutes. I give myself enough time to create a goal in my head that I would really enjoy getting done. Big ideas are a lot of fun for me and setting this idea gets my blood pumping so that I can think well and then eventually have the energy to do the task. Once I have the goal, I figure out a few tasks that take me closer to the goal and then start working on one. I also consider how much time I have to get to the goal so that I don’t do something that lacks importance.

In the end, I have utilized what I enjoy doing and what I am good at to create a need for what needs to get done. Now that there is a good reason to get work done or get the chore done or help someone out I suddenly have the energy to do it.

Now obviously everyone is different. You may just love getting stuff done without needing a big goal in mine or maybe you’re a little like me. Wherever you are on the spectrum, it’s definitely worth considering the utility of setting goals and creating needs and using your strengths in between.

So, what are some things you can’t seem to get done?

Have you considered your goals in life to help clarify the situation.

Post a comment or send me your thoughts.

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