The Lie Known as Wealth

Alright, before you freak out I’m not a socialist.  The concept I want to convey here is that people often give up their goals for money when really we should be willing to give up money for our goals.  This is in contrast with an objectivist thinker like Ayn Rand who may argue that wealth is the only true pursuit and measure of one’s success in life.  I argue that that is a lie.

First off, without having some goal in mind for yourself this information may be rather useless.  I’ll assume up front that you desire to be some where one day or perhaps to accomplish something at some point.

Now let’s consider a hypothetical decision you may have to make.  Perhaps your goal or the direction you want to be headed in is having a great time with friends throughout your life, but you have been offered a job to work on a remote island by yourself to study a new species.  Now the job may pay well, especially considering you can contact no one, but it’s not helping you accomplish your goal.  In this case you might just reject.

Obviously our lives are more complicated than a little situation like this.  We have really big goals and then smaller goals that make up those really big goals.  And we have to balance some with the other.  But your ability to stop and pause and consider whether dollars put you in the right or wrong direction of your goals will determine your ability to accomplish your goals.

In the end, money doesn’t buy happiness.  There isn’t a perfect correlation between money and where you want to be.  Sometimes money helps your situation and sometimes it hurts.  Just be ready to decide for yourself what situation you’re in so that wealth doesn’t hold you back.