The Best New Party Game – WallaBalla

In my search for the next great cheap activity, I have come across an odd spectacle that is increasing in popularity everywhere. The WallaBalla is a very entertaining game to say the least, and after getting past the initial reaction of how the game is played, I think you’ll find it to be a great way to turn any boring party into the next event never to be forgotten.

What is WallaBalla?

The WallaBalla is a fun game that has been around for years. It has recently gained popularity at parties and other events where engaging in hysterical activity is the objective. A number of DJs have been adding it to their events to add some energy to stale crowds. To get the idea, here is how it’s played.

  1. To play, tie the WallaBalla around your waist with the hoops in front of you.
  2. Use your hips to flip the ball, which hangs below the hoops, up into the air.
  3. Position the hoops under the flying ball to catch it and if successful, receive the corresponding points.
  4. Repeat until everyone thinks you’re crazy or everyone is laughing so hard they can’t see straight.

How to Buy the WallaBalla

The WallaBalla is available at in three colors.

Activity C.L.U.B. Ratings

9 – Let’s just say no one will forget the day they first see the WallaBalla.  If you can get the crowd into it, this game could make any party one to remember.
Low Cost
7 – The WallaBalla is in the typical price range of most party games and is easy to order from
9 – It hasn’t hit mainstream yet but may be on its way.  Also, awkward first impressions are quickly overcome by the enjoyment of not caring that you look crazy when playing.
8 – While not the most extreme workout, you may break a sweat.  Better yet, who can deny the benefit of having a great, carefree time?

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