10 thoughts on “The Best Internet Browser for You”

  1. I tried Chrome a few months ago and it was pretty good, but Firefox has so many useful plugins that I find it hard to beat. Since Chrome is relatively new it can’t really compete with Firefox regarding plugins, but I could see Chrome becoming a stronger competitor to Firefox in the future.

  2. Great point @Adam . We’ll see if Chrome can catch up with Firefox in the PlugIn category. That could really separate it from the bunch.

  3. For almost all basic browsing I prefer Chrome as the speed is a huge advantage. However, the biggest drawback to Chrome from my experience is that it has very bad speed problems when trying to resolve a proxy over secure connections- a [guesstimated) 15% speed gain in basic browsing is more than offset in these instances by taking 4-5x longer to resolve the proxy. I wish they would address this issue and then I would wholeheartedly support it. As such, I prefer Firefox for all general usage.

  4. I tried them all but am forced to go back to IE8, not my favorite but the only one I can run all my Real Estate programs on! Frustrating for sure!

  5. @Justin, wow, great point on Chrome. I haven’t even thought about those secure connections, but I think I’ll do some tests and see what I notice. Hopefully Chrome will solve the issue to provide a better all around experience.

  6. @Traci, yea I hate when so many businesses are set up only to run on IE. That’s the only reason IE has stuck around. Hopefully IT will get with the game soon and let us use Firefox and Chrome at times. My work is still stuck on IE6.

  7. I prefer Chrome but got frustrated by the number of sites that didn’t support it. As it becomes more mainstream, I’ll make the switch again.

  8. @Bucksome
    Thanks for your input. That seems to be the common theme here. Good thing is that it’s much better than when it first came out, but still has a way to go to be as commonly accepted as Firefox and IE.

  9. I used safari for years, but recently went to firefox. I tried chrome on windows and did not care much for it at all. IE is among the worst in my view… I don’t understand why so many windows users swear by it.

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