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How To Do Your Taxes – Getting Started

“Two things are certain in life, death and taxes” – Ben Franklin. Get ready to get out the old calculator, pencil, and tax book and spend the next few months figuring out how to file your taxes with Uncle Sam. Better yet, I’m putting together a guide to help make sure taxes this year are as painless as possible. So start here and come back every week for a new tip.

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How to Save on Health Insurance

I was recently approached by some close friends dealing with a common healthcare situation. As a married couple expecting a baby, my friends are preparing for a huge life change and some potentially sky-high healthcare costs. After the baby, the father will be the only worker and is self-employed. In order to help him and everyone using healthcare, I have written about some ways to save on health insurance for the self-employed and also for those receiving insurance from their jobs.

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Ways to Have Fun on a Budget: Disc Golf

Whenever I want to do something fun with friends we often find ourselves stuck playing the “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” game. Other times we find a great activity, but it costs us a buck too much. Few and far between are the great activities that are a lot of fun, yet less intrusive on the wallet.  All of these activities can be found in my Activity C.L.U.B. with a new one being introduced each month.

The Lost Cousin of Golf

The sport of golf is one of the top sports in the world featuring a number of household names. A close cousin, although less famous, is the great sport of disc golf. Disc golf features the same general layout of golf – the goal of getting to a spot on each hole – but has a much lower cost to play and easier learning curve.

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An Easy Way to Save Money on Contact Lenses

Buying contact lenses is one of the best purchases I make each year. I know that a large part of my eye problems comes from the fact that I stare at a computer all day and perhaps I can work on that, but now that my eyes aren’t what they used to be, I love “putting my eyes in” every morning and enjoying 20/20 vision. Purchasing contacts, though, is not always a great experience.

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Save Money with a Clean Budget

It’s easy to think that a big bonus, a lottery win, or a pot of gold will provide what you need for life, but in reality a person can make millions of dollars in their lifetime and still have little to show for it.  While money may not be your most important goal, how you spend your money is important.  One’s ability to properly spend on what has lasting value to them and save towards future goals will define his/her wealth much better than how much money they came across along the way. Continue reading Save Money with a Clean Budget