3 thoughts on “How to Reduce the Need for Welfare”

  1. There is so much free information on the internet, if a person has the desire to learn, not to mention the multitudes of free books available at your local library. I grew up on welfare so I’m not saying its useless or anything but you have to have the drive to learn and better yourself.

    I was heading down the road to financial ruin until one day I started reading pf books and really learning how things worked. My life has turned a 180 since then, thanks to free resources like this one and the willingness to learn.

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    You’ve got a great point. Plenty of people like you have used welfare alongside tons of great services like a local library to rise out of financial ruin.

    Hopefully we can continue to help people develop that willingness to learn that helped you out. Thanks for helping others through your blog – BackToBasicsFinance.com

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