Find the Perfect Job by Starting a Hobby

I started this blog a few months ago after critically thinking about how I could best tie what I enjoy doing in life with how to best provide value to those I come into contact with everyday. By day, I’m a Business Analyst helping my company run more efficiently, offer better value to our customers, and make more money, but by night (and weekend), I enjoy over-analyzing how I spend my time, what I’m getting out of my money, and whether I’ve forgotten to have fun with all my great friends along the way (hence the tagline Find Time. Save Money. Have Fun.).

After thinking about the things that truly entice me, I decided a great hobby would be writing about all the things I over-analyze and using it to help people. Looking back now, it has all made me think about the difference between this hobby I work on at night and the job I go to every day.

A J-O-B and Hobbies

A good friend of mine likes to joke about his job as his J-O-B as if it’s this rule of nature just like gravity. I think what he means is that a job is something that you go to just to pay the bills and hopefully it fits some strengths but should not be confused with something you are passionate about.

A hobby on the other hand is like this blog to me. It may provide no income, but it provides a ton of joy. It fits my desires and strengths while at the same time helping others. I can do this for hours on end and not realize what time has passed. It’s my little creation.

  • A job is essentially work that provides income.
  • A hobby essentially provides joy by aligning work with your strengths and those you care about.

Finding the Perfect Job

Although it’s possible to do both, what a waste of time to work for money all day and then only have a few hours left to do what you love! Better yet, if we can all find a way to turn our hobbies into our jobs then we could love what we do all day while still providing for our needs and desires. So where is the best place to start?

  1. Consider what you really love to do and what you are talented at.
  2. Consider how the work you enjoy doing can provide value to others.
  3. If possible, find a job close to what you described, or start a hobby that can become both.

It’s OK to Start Slow

For me, I really enjoy what I do already at my day job so I am fairly blessed to have found a job that provides all the income I need with some hobby characteristics. After work, the blog provides most of the hobby traits and very little income through ads. Potentially one day, it will be one in the same, but for now I believe I am using my strengths both day and night and enjoying both types of work. Ideally, I could write and speak all day to others about what I have learned in life, but that is something I am still developing so no need to jump ship just yet.

If you are conservative like me, take your time developing a hobby on the side and try to slowly work it into a value for others in order to receive income. If you really are good at what you do you will be able to invest a ton of creative energy without regard to any financial reward, and then you may realize one day this hobby has enough potential to be your job.

For the super entrepreneurial, feel free to go head strong into what you love, but don’t forget your other committments in life like friends and family. It’s great to do what you love, but it’s not always worth giving up all your relationships tomorrow to get there.

Your Perfect Job Hasn’t Been Discovered

Finally, the perfect job for you really hasn’t been discovered. It’s up to you to understand and learn what you are best designed to do and then to take the time to develop how to apply it. On the way, make sure you are still having fun and, after some practice, you may be surprised to find that your favorite hobby is now your perfect job.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments or check out the book below recommended by Dave Ramsey.

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