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Obsessed Analytic’s Guide to the iPhone 3GS

The best, to the point, iPhone 3GS tutorial available on the internet.  This eBook provides a great overview of the best the iPhone has to offer including insight on apps, settings, and secret shortcuts.

Features Include

  • Over 35 recommended apps to get the most out of your iPhone
  • Complete visual guide of the iPhone in action to help you learn fast
  • Tips of shortcuts to optimize your iPhone productivity
  • 10 Chapters walking you through all the native iPhone functions
  • Free unlimited updates
  • PDF format for maximum compatibility
  • and much, much, more

This eBook is designed for new iPhone users looking to understand the essential features of the iPhone, but can also provide answers to lingering questions to even the most experienced users.

Best of all, this guide comes with a guarantee to answer all your iPhone questions.  By purchasing this eBook, we will answer any question you have right here on this blog.  Just comment below with your question or read through the questions others may have.

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This eBook requires Adobe Reader.  Click here to get it now.

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