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Save Money with a Clean Budget

It’s easy to think that a big bonus, a lottery win, or a pot of gold will provide what you need for life, but in reality a person can make millions of dollars in their lifetime and still have little to show for it.  While money may not be your most important goal, how you spend your money is important.  One’s ability to properly spend on what has lasting value to them and save towards future goals will define his/her wealth much better than how much money they came across along the way. Continue reading Save Money with a Clean Budget

The Lie Known as Wealth

Alright, before you freak out I’m not a socialist.  The concept I want to convey here is that people often give up their goals for money when really we should be willing to give up money for our goals.  This is in contrast with an objectivist thinker like Ayn Rand who may argue that wealth is the only true pursuit and measure of one’s success in life.  I argue that that is a lie.

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