How to Save for Retirement if Finance is Not Your Life

I recently came across a post at the finance forum Bogleheads regarding investing for retirement. There are a countless number of strategies out there, but most of them don’t help the average person easily invest for retirement. Although good in their intent, trying to explain to someone not familiar with the world of finance how to best allocate their retirement funds, annually rebalance their portfolio, or optimize their foreign currency diversification is not effective. I’ve decided to simplify the discussion for most people so that anyone can easily prepare for retirement without making investing their job or only hobby. Continue reading How to Save for Retirement if Finance is Not Your Life

How the iPhone Changed My Life

My loyalty to all things Apple all started a few years back when I first wanted a MP3 player. Like iPhones today, iPods were the craze. Of course, I knew back then that the only reason people had iPods was to be cool and show off how much money they had. So in my quest to be unpopular and cheap, I decided to take the path less traveled by getting a Creative mp3 player. With great joy, I spent my first 10 hours with the device trying to sync it with my computer. Crap! Creative had forgotten to install some software on the device before selling it and it didn’t work out of the box. With some hacking around my computer, I downloaded it myself, installed it, and then was ready to enjoy. Continue reading How the iPhone Changed My Life

Save Money with a Clean Budget

It’s easy to think that a big bonus, a lottery win, or a pot of gold will provide what you need for life, but in reality a person can make millions of dollars in their lifetime and still have little to show for it.  While money may not be your most important goal, how you spend your money is important.  One’s ability to properly spend on what has lasting value to them and save towards future goals will define his/her wealth much better than how much money they came across along the way. Continue reading Save Money with a Clean Budget